Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papam!

By now you must know that we have a new pope, Pope Francis I. Previously Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires (where my mom lived for about 20 years when she was young), he studied chemistry (like I used to be doing, for a little bit more than a year) and graduated as a chemical engineer before discerning that his vocation was to the priesthood.

I got this picture from taking a screen clipping of the youtube video without translation by Rome Reports here.

A really good article, which is also short, can be found here: My brother sent it to me, saying that I should read it, and it was quite beautiful.

Ad multos annos, Sancte Pater! (I'm only pretending to know Latin, so corrections would be heeded gratefully. Actually, that's probably the case even if I think I really do know something.)

God bless Pope Francis!


  1. Because you ask: Ad multos annos, Sancte Pater (I think Santo Padre is Italian) :-)


    1. Thanks, Novi!

      Santo Padre is good Spanish, too, and I'm pretty comfortable with Spanish (1/4 Argentine, but not fluent in the language) so that's probably where I got it from. ;) I wouldn't be surprised if it was also good Italian, since they're so similar.